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How to Succeed in Your Statistics Class

Is it just you or is Statistics really that difficult to learn, there are times when we ask the question “am I just stupid or is Statistics just not my thing” at one or the other, we have all asked those kinds of questions of ourselves, if statistics were a person, probably he would be dead by now because of the hatred and anger that would have been directed its way.

Research has shown that 95% of the time, it’s not a student’s fault that he or she is unable to understand statistical or mathematical equations, but sometimes the mindset of such students has been filled with so many doubts and lack of confidence which subsequently leads to F.U.N(Fear of numbers).

So how can you push out your fear of numbers and forgo your lack of self confidence, in order to create a clear receptive mind to learn statistical courses just like you would learn English or any other course, the tips below are designed to help you within and outside the four walls of class to succeed in statistical courses and calculations.

While in Class

First and foremost make a concerted effort to clear your mind, seeing it as just another class you want to something tangible about, keeping an open mind. While keeping an open mind, be more prepared for every class, taking with you your writing implements i.e. calculator, notes, pen, have a special note other than your class note for writing down crucial points that integral to the class.i.e.alternative formulas other than ones in your class notes, which might be useful for extra calculations, your thoughts on the class as well as questions could be written in this special note in case you need to verify them from the teacher or do more research on them after the class.

Be as attentive as possibleYou might be surprised that the reason you can’t make out anything you have been taught in your statistics class could be as a result of the place you sit for the class, a change of sitting position could be in order, sit somewhere you can exchange ideas with other students in class, avoiding noisy or rowdy places in the class. You could also take a seat in the front of the class, not minding whatever people think of you as your main aim to learn and succeed in your statistics courses.

Write, write and write

You would be surprised that some tutors are in the habit of preparing examination questions from study notes given during classes, writing all your statistics notes could be a plus in succeeding in your statistics, don’t joke with them, the examples given in class would go on to help you create more statistical problems which you could solve on your own with time.

Ask questions again and again? There is this usual fear of asking questions in statistic classes, for you to concur statistics as a whole, you need to concur with the fear of asking questions, there is no better way to learn than by asking questions, never be afraid of being laughed at, be the guy or girl that inquires and acquires knowledge by asking questions, it would be tough at first, but it gets easier as get used to being guy or girl that raises up his or her hand all the time.

While doing so you could also write some of them down i.e. “Why did I get 3 points taken off for problem number 4?”) You could see your instructor from time to time to verify and clear your doubts.

Outside of Class

Statistics is nobody’s friend, study on your own for at least two hours after each class when you get, to get a total understanding of each subject, make sure to have textbooks so as to practice difficult or similar examples from class, besides this learn to do statistics homework by yourself so as to build your confidence.

Statistics homework are not meant to kill you or make you look stupid or suck out your confidence levels, they are like class exercises, but this time around you are given the freedom to do more research, solve similar problems like and also learn to the independent of other by doing them yourself.Conclusively, have a study partner who as eager as or more eager than you to break new grounds in statistics and most important break the F.U.N (Fear of Numbers)

The Secret Weapon of Many: College Statistics Help

Sometimes, things we rough. Things don't go as planned. And that is a situation in which majority of students find themselves in. Either because of taking a class they hate, or they take a class they are not prepared to take, but they do anyway. That is a common case for Statistics, which is a courses many students dislike or fear, and often times leads them to be needing private statistics lessons to catch up with things a little bit.

I think that most students don't make much of a fuzz to admit that they need with their Stats, the problem is that they wish that would not be the case. Naturally, they will not want to spend extra time practicing stats problems, and obviously, they would not want to spend the extra money needed to hire a tutor. But in spite of that, there is a fact that I'm able to extract from my experience as a tutor: Those who struggle initially and end up doing well are those who get some kind of external stats help, either in the form of a tutor, a mentor, or an online service. For a fact I know that those who didn't do that well were the ones that did nothing to improve their situation.

Notebook with math formulas

Are There Any Good Textbooks That Will Help You?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because almost any textbook will have all the information that you need to succeed in your stats class. But, there is no guarantee, since all books have their own style and the way that the topics are covered greatly varies. Some books are simply not suited to all students. Some books are too pedantic, or some other books are too simplistic. Besides, you will need the book YOUR instructor is assigning, and you will have to follow the way that books operates. When solving a statistics homework problem, you will need to follow strictly its format and sequence of steps, otherwise you will be likely marked down, and get points off.

The answer is also no, because if you happen to not to fully grasp the way the book does things, you are out of luck, and you cannot resort on your book anymore. You need a bridge between you and your book (and your class for that matter), and that bridge will be a private stats tutor, who will teach the right lessons to catch up and will fill up any gaps.

Do I get Someone Online, or Should I get a Traditional Tutor?

In all practicality, it does not matter. You will need to ultimately do what you need to catch up. From my own experience I have seen that both versions can work. I have seen great online and traditional tutors, and I have also seen horrendous online and traditional stats tutors. You can help with your stats from either one. There is no format that is better than the other, per se. There are good and bad tutors for both cases. You will need to see which ones suits you better.

Random Pics


One of the most useful types of bar charts to summarize a distribution

Pie Chart

Great graphical depiction of a discrete distribution

Box Plot

Fantastical graphical gadget used to assess the existence of outliers


The key to the oscillatory phenomena.